Stern Ready to Launch Star Trek Pinball
Teaser video for the newest game by famed designer Steve Ritchie!
Posted by Daniel Tonks on September 11, 2013 at 1:08 AM
Earlier today, Stern Pinball officially announced their latest game, Star Trek, through a teaser video posted on YouTube. This new machine is based on the “rebooted” series of movies, and covers both “Star Trek” and “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Check it out below!

Now, as of this moment high-resolution photos and feature details simply haven’t been published yet, so what I’ve done for now is stitch together nine of the long pans as seen in the video, to give you a closer (and non-moving) look at artwork and playfield details. Remember to click on the thumbnail to enlarge, and then again to see the original full-resolution image!

Here are the three cabinet versions, from left to right: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. Sorry that they're cut off, but in the video they fade between shots. (Update: improved cabinet photos can be seen in this post.)

Pinplay Photo #63
Pinplay Photo #64
Pinplay Photo #65

Here are two overviews of the entire playfield (as used on the Premium/LE models):

Pinplay Photo #66
Pinplay Photo #70

Close-up details of the main toy, the Enterprise ship model:

Pinplay Photo #68
Pinplay Photo #71

And, finally, a few general close-ups of the left side of the playfield, and the right ramp:

Pinplay Photo #67
Pinplay Photo #69
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