New software v1.24 (make that v1.25) released for The Wizard of Oz Pinball
Additional modes, more lighting, lots of bug fixes!
Posted by Daniel Tonks on December 15, 2013 at 12:25 AM
Jersey Jack Pinball has just released a new software update for their The Wizard of Oz pinball machine, upgrading the former (and slightly buggy) v1.23 up to v1.24. No, it doesn't sound like much, but as usual there's a ton of new stuff packed into a .01 increment - including the mini-wizard mode, Battle the Witch!

This is a "Full" update, meaning you'll have to download a 3.6 gigabyte ISO file and copy it onto a minimum 8gb bootable USB stick, which will then automatically image its contents to the game's SSD. You can download the update here (make sure it's 3,872,329,728 bytes in size), and since the process is rather more involved than a "Delta" update, check out the official instructions on how to prepare everything here. If there's a need for it, I could prepare a tutorial on how to perform a Full update, much as I did for Delta updates.

Update December 23, 2013: JJP has published a delta patch update to version 1.25, fixing a few bugs! The changelog for both versions is included below:

==                                  Legend                                  ==

               + Addition         * Change/bugfix         - Note

==                               Version 1.25                               ==

=== Game Code

+ Explantion text to character spell quadrant.
* HSTD initials entry fixed for >1 spot.
+ Text during Witch Battle/victory.
* Ball search held off during big displays.
* Fixed some LED highlighting in diags.
+ Flippers now killed during Witch death.
+ Scoring/gameplay change for Witch victory.
+ Settings to skip over bad LED boards. (Bad board must be physically 
  jumped over).
+ Broken ramp made switch logic.
* Fixed some Witch graphics during Witch Battle.
+ Yellow Brick Road advance difficulties:
  - 1:  Same as now:  All 3 shots advance, lit orbit advances 2x.
  - 2:  Advance shots alternate between ramp and either orbit.
  - 3:  Advance shots switch between ramp->right oribt->left orbit->ramp.
  - 4:  Advance shots switch between ramp->left orbit->right orbit->ramp.

=== Core Code

* LED dimming settings updated.

=== OS

* Fixed hardware info not showing up.
* Fixed random no sound on startup.

==                               Version 1.24                               ==

=== Game Code

* Skill shot award lamp effect shows OZ lane state now.
* Crystal Ball Modes now release balls from locks if not enough in Trough.
* Ball save lamp color now orange and faster.
* Flipper Frenzy now final Crystal Ball mode.
* Glinda won't stymie the Witch during Flipper Frenzy.
+ Interface Emerald indicators for Witch Battle.
+ Haunted Multiball (stub only at the moment).
* New attract mode SOTR movie.
+ Munchkin Loop Champion.
+ Yellow Brick Road Champion.
* Winkie VUK and HOADC collect audits fixed.
+ Status report shows extra balls and tilt warnings.
+ ECMB background lamp effect.
+ Haunted letters complete lamp effect.
+ Twister lamp updated now.
+ Many more lamp effects.
+ Melt the Witch mode.
+ Lock lit fanfares.
* Status report rule state fixed for things after Melt the Witch was played.
+ Yellow Brick Road awards.

=== Core Code

+ Hardware Info added to diags.
+ I/O reconnection attempted if lost, should rectify crystal ball disconnect
* Volume display now shows a number.
* Up to 8 high scores.
+ Highlighting of LED on on-screen playfield image in single LED tests.
+ Sound fading.

=== OS

+ Modified boot and updater to force SSD cache flush at game start.
+ Removed depricated packages from base install.
* Auto installer now respects SSD's of varying size.
* Patched kernel to fix 200 day uptime panic. (Highly unlikely but fixed

==                               Version 1.23                               ==

=== Game Code

* Shoot again movie.
* Crystal Ball ready movie.

=== Core Code

+ Resolution agnosticism.
* Internal stability improvements (probably benign before 1.22).  If, for
  example, your game wouldn't start from attract mode, this will fix it.
* Volume button label fixed.

=== OS

+ Additional monitor type support.
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2 reader comments
Hi SV,

Unfortunately I've had other obligations that have kept me busy this weekend, and haven't even had the chance to install the new software yet. Plus, my camera equipment was moved to another room. But if nothing else comes out, I'll try to make one!
Hi Daniel,

Sorry to bug you again, but a gameplay video is desperately needed for this version, any plans?

Regards, SV.