JJP Releases software v1.22 for The Wizard of Oz Pinball
New features, new lighting, new modes, new FUN!
Posted by Daniel Tonks on October 23, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Jersey Jack Pinball has just released a software update to their The Wizard of Oz pinball machine, replacing the former software version 1.21 with the brand new v1.22. Although this sounds like a minor update, the added content is anything but minor – representing 3 new Crystal Ball modes, 2 new Munchkinland modes including a brand new multiball, significant improvements to several other modes, plus a whole slew of bug fixes and other changes. All told, this update includes over 230 new files!

Of note, as of this moment the update has been released as a “delta” (see our tutorial on delta updates), however if you have an unusually slow USB stick the update may fail to apply, requiring you to restore to the last full install, v1.18. JJP will be addressing this issue later today (Wednesday), so if you don’t absolutely need to update this instant, you might want to wait.

For now (you know there will be more coming!) I've whipped up a quick video with the attract mode lightshow, including the new choreography for the JJP logo itself (starting just after the one minute mark).

The changelog for this version is included below:

==                                  Legend                                  ==

               + Addition         * Change/bugfix         - Note

==                               Version 1.22                               ==

=== Game Code

* Improved TNPLH choreography.
+ Weak Flippers Crystal Ball mode.
+ No-Hold Flippers Crystal Ball mode.
+ Reversed FLippers Crystal Ball mode.
* Improved Toto round 2 choreography.
+ Some audits added.
* Toto letter spotting showing "Toto Exhausted" fixed.
* Reduce glitches in quad display.
* Lowered gain on Oz lanes and TNPLH sounds.
* "Cowardly" now dim until first letter in LION.
* Updated Winkie guard graphics.
+ More bonus movies.
* Fixed glitch in OTR attract mode rule sheet.
* Fixed Wizard Collect sometimes not appearing.
* Haunted scoring display vastly improved.
* Rainbow and Twister displays now more animated.
* Crystal Ball movies shortened.
* Longer ballsaver grace period.
+ Adjustment to swap upper playfield flippers.
+ Logic to avoid top slingshot machine-gunning.
+ Shoot again graphics.
+ TNPLH collect graphics.
* Game progress screen in status report stays up longer.
+ Castle playfield intro graphics.
+ Lollipop Lullaby Munchkin mode.
+ Munchkinland Multiball mode.
* Fixed a case where Fireball Frenzy might not end.
* Fixed hurry-build right inlane lamps (they were too bright).
* Fixed hurry-build lamp effect lights staying on.
+ Hurry-build music.
* Munchkinland Modes now 60 seconds.
* Fixed Witch Hurryup white box.
+ Glinda now gives out (generally) helpful awards.
* Witch Speech is now forced on Fireball Frenzy start.
+ JJP Logo lamp effect.
+ ECMB lock/start lamp effects.
+ Hurry-build collect fanfare.
+ Twister run lamp effect.
* Fixed mystery lamp effect not going away.
* Fixed witch's smoke screen.
* Fireball Frenzy start animation tweaked.
* Fixed score flashing after Toto or TNPLH.
* Improved right magnet choreography.
* Changed a bunch of z-orders to keep Glinda from showing up where she's not
  really wanted.
* Disable top slingshot during TNPLH.
* Tweaked text on Twister Ready display.
* Fixed backspace/delete character in HSTD display.

=== Core Code

* Score multipliers working.
* Replay and EB effects behave better when bonus causes an award.
* Safeguard for continuing status report.
+ On-screen volume display.
+ Boot-up game info screen.
+ Speech rare-ifier.
* Fixed potential movie crash.
* Fixed Installer fail during delta update.
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4 reader comments
I actually had a game that was shaping up to be quite decent... but then I got a ball stuck in a place that required removing the glass! Aggh!

I did get one otherwise poor game recorded (with some exposure problems due to new camera angles) where I finished There's No Place Like Home for the first time. However, I didn't get much of anything else, besides the new Weak Flippers mode. I could post it, but it's not as exciting as the 1.21 videos...
I know what you mean, I tried to make a gameplay video on my Pinbot once...I just left the camera set up and kept hitting the record button every time I played a game in the hope that I would eventually come up with something worth showing, it took quite a while. Thanks for your perseverence, I know there are a lot of people out who would like to see some video of this new version.
Hi solarvalue,

Unfortunately I'm not the best player and I've had the absolute worst luck recording a halfway decent game. Will keep trying...
Hi, looking forward to a gameplay video of 1.22.

I'm not sure if you have the capability to do it, but if you could do a split-screen video with the LCD on one side and the playfield on the other that would be awesome. Just a suggestion.

Thanks again for the great blog!