A Little Bit of WOZ v1.21 Gameplay
And I use the term “gameplay” loosely, since my gameplay tends to suck!
Posted by Daniel Tonks on September 20, 2013 at 9:56 AM
While I certainly enjoy pinball, I’m not a particularly good player... which is why I always said I’d never post footage of my gameplay. But, since The Wizard of Oz software v1.21 actually seems to be a much bigger update than at first blush, I decided to try anyways. Watch as I flail away, missing important shots and hitting useless ones... oh well, at least you can see a couple new videos and cool lighting effects!

A few notes about this video:

  1. The game was played in a completely dark room. And I do mean dark! I did this mostly because I was interested in capturing the screen and the colors of the lighting effects as best I could, but it made the ball rather hard to see (for me playing as well!). Next time, I’ll try to have a bit of ambient lighting.
  2. This is quite literally my first full game on the new code, and the extra ball setting was far, far too generous (I enabled the 4 point-based levels, forgetting how low and closely set together the default values are). Rest assured this has been corrected!
  3. I’ve chopped out a few of the more boring parts... and even then it’s still 11 minutes long!

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1 reader comment

Thanks very much for this video, I'm glad you decided to change your policy of not producing gameplay videos. Sometimes it takes weeks after a software update for someone to produce a decent video, so I really appreciate how quickly you got this together. I also like that you filmed it in a dark room, the lighting looks spectacular. As you know, there's been some complaints about the lack of general illumination in the game so it's great to see what it is really like without ambient light in the room. This is very valuable for those waiting for their games to be built and for others who just want to see how this game is coming along. Your'e doing some great work with this blog, I look forward to future entries, well done!