Sunday December 15, 2013

Additional modes, more lighting, lots of bug fixes!

Jersey Jack Pinball has just released a new software update for their The Wizard of Oz pinball machine, upgrading the former (and slightly buggy) v1.23 up to v1.24. No, it doesn't sound like much, but as usual there's a ton of new stuff packed into a .01 increment - including the mini-wizard mode, Battle the Witch!

This is a "Full" update, meaning you'll have to download a 3.6 gigabyte ISO file and copy it onto a minimum 8gb bootable USB stick, which will then automatically image its contents to the game's SSD. You can download the update here (make sure it's 3,872,329,728 bytes in size), and since the process is rather more involved than a "Delta" update, check out the official instructions on how to prepare everything here. If there's a need for it, I could prepare a tutorial on how to perform a Full update, much as I did for Delta updates.

Update December 23, 2013: JJP has published a delta patch update to version 1.25, fixing a few bugs! The changelog for both versions is included below:

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 12/15 at 12:25 AM
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