Friday October 25, 2013

It’s the extra ball that makes all the difference – and a high score!

As promised, here is today’s second gameplay video for JJP’s Wizard of Oz pinball running new software version 1.22, this time featuring Reverse Flippers mode! The production quality’s definitely better on this one than the last – I think I’m finally starting to get some of these settings tweaked...

Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment!

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Posted by Daniel Tonks on 10/25 at 8:06 PM
I seem to be in something of a pinball skills slump... but you still deserve to see something!

So, Jersey Jack Pinball’s got this snazzy new v1.22 software for The Wizard of Oz with tons of new stuff, and do you think I can record a decent game to save my life? Nope! The one really good game I had was spoiled by a freaky stuck ball in an impossible place that required removing the glass to get to! Agghhh!

I’m not done trying yet, but I thought I’d post the best of the worst for this morning. Which is indeed pretty bad, so don't take it out on the game! However, in this particular game I did manage to get all the way through There’s No Place Like Home for the first time ever, and there’s a match at the end of the game, so that’s something – but if you’re looking for new modes, they simply aren’t here. Well, I do start Weak Flippers... but there’s nothing much to see with that! Mostly you’ll be able to check out the changes made to regular gameplay, such as hurry-ups, Glinda, new audio, and new lightshows.

Without further ado, here it is!

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 10/25 at 7:22 AM
Wednesday October 23, 2013

New features, new lighting, new modes, new FUN!

Jersey Jack Pinball has just released a software update to their The Wizard of Oz pinball machine, replacing the former software version 1.21 with the brand new v1.22. Although this sounds like a minor update, the added content is anything but minor – representing 3 new Crystal Ball modes, 2 new Munchkinland modes including a brand new multiball, significant improvements to several other modes, plus a whole slew of bug fixes and other changes. All told, this update includes over 230 new files!

Of note, as of this moment the update has been released as a “delta” (see our tutorial on delta updates), however if you have an unusually slow USB stick the update may fail to apply, requiring you to restore to the last full install, v1.18. JJP will be addressing this issue later today (Wednesday), so if you don’t absolutely need to update this instant, you might want to wait.

For now (you know there will be more coming!) I've whipped up a quick video with the attract mode lightshow, including the new choreography for the JJP logo itself (starting just after the one minute mark).

The changelog for this version is included below:

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 10/23 at 12:30 AM
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