WOZ Video Tutorial: Delta Updates
Learn how to update the software on The Wizard of Oz in 3 minutes!
Posted by Daniel Tonks on September 19, 2013 at 9:29 AM
Yesterday evening, JJP released a long-awaited update for The Wizard of Oz. The new version 1.21 (download here) replaces the former version 1.18, and is what’s known as a “Delta Update”. This means that instead of having to download an almost 4 gigabyte image of the game’s entire file system, the Delta file only includes content that’s new or changed. In this case, that’s about 114 megabytes of goodies – which although still significant, will be a heck of a lot quicker to download than the equivalent of an entire DVD!

Since the process of installing a Delta Update will be new for the vast majority of WOZ owners (it was for me!), I’ve created a quick 3-minute tutorial documenting everything from downloading the update, decompressing it in the proper way on a USB stick, and finally performing the update procedure on the machine.

You’ll find the video below, and after the break I’ve also attached the list of changes in v1.21!

==                                  Legend                                  ==

               + Addition         * Change/bugfix         - Note

==                               Version 1.21                               ==

=== Game Code

* Fixed house not stopping and dropping wall correctly.
* Rescue MB now delays release of Monkey ball until double doors are clear.
* Ball search delays castle door VUK more now to clear doors.
* ECMB progress in status report fixed.
+ Witch Hurry Up and Fireball Frenzy progress added to status report.
+ Haunted sign LED now on when a Haunted mode is running.
* Changed Witch Hurry Up name and font.
* Added lamp colors to hurry build lane lights.
+ Flasher effect for running hurry-builds.
+ Fireball sounds to Fireball Frenzy start.
* Witch is extra-debounced for Fireball Frenzy.

==                               Version 1.20                               ==

=== Game Code

* Some lamp effect masks altered to exclude critical lamps.
+ 2nd wave of Toto Escapes added.
* Status Report looks a little nicer.
* Status Report now shows score display during TNPLH.
* House motor will now turn off if stalled, and tries to compensate with more
  12v devices running at the same time.
* Witch Hurryup now far more animated.
* Left flipper button now goes back through attract mode.
* Bonus sped-up and prettied-up.
* ECMB audits fixed.
+ Lamp effects for bonus and Wizard Mystery.
+ Witch attack status lamps.
+ Fireball Frenzy.
+ Adjustments for fine-tuning ramp lockup kickout.

=== Core Code

* Multiplayer game starts now audit properly.
* Replay boost adjustment honored (used to always boost).
* Fixed status report running without flippers held.

==                               Version 1.19                               ==

=== Game Code

* Some ECMB animations cleaned up.
* Increased maximum of slingshot coils.
+ Australia game support.
* Crystal ball animations now more synced with gameplay.
* Suppress attract mode replay display if nothing is set.
* Suppress attract mode HSTD display if HSTDs are off.
* Adjustment added for game number.
* Shaker motor timing improved after starting Twister mode.
+ Logos for 75th anniversary.
* Monkey Magnet sensor is no longer alarmed if detected bad.
+ Flipper button attract mode speech.
+ Character rollover lamps added to main lamp background.
* LOCK now blinks on Multiball ready.
* HOADC LEDs much less bright now.

=== Core Code

* Ball search suppressed when ball is in the shooter lane now.
* Default/changed adjustments highlighted in different colors.
+ Adjustments can be disabled now.
+ Presets menu now displays current/default settings and adjustments changed
  by the preset.
+ Novelty and Add-a-Ball presets.
* Set clock UI cleaned up.
+ Images/text on button display in diags.
* Fixed currency settings after a factory reset.
* Fixed status report running on its own if it was delayed by a foreground
+ Audits for earnings and all coin slots.
+ Audits for pricing tiers.
+ Clear Credits reset.
* Cleaned up formatting in Adjustments and Audits.
+ Slings and jets now fire in Test Mode.
+ Adjustment for adjusting LED intensity (only applies to insert LEDs).
+ LED current limiter.
+ Pricing presets for USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Euro.
* Default high scores lowered.
+ Free Plays audit.
+ Sub-type headings for standard audits.
+ Button repeat acceleration in Diags.
+ Replay database sanity check.
* Autoplunger now waits for valid playfield before firing instead of first
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